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March 21, 2002   All the Carnatic music you need!
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Now our list of varNams is nearly exhaustive! Browse through hundreds, with a few linked to their lyrics as well.

Lyrics scales

Now ALL lyrics with one or a few raagas contain the full aarOhana and avarOhana scales of the raagas! If you're printing, refer easily to the parent melakarta, its number, and the standard notes that the raga uses. Simple!
Over 900 Lyrics

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Ravi Kiran Music
All about the Chitravina artist, singer, and composer, plus Carnatic music articles, photos and more.

Smt Kalyani Varadarajan
Full MP3 audio and lyrics in Tamil and Devanagari of compositions by this composer.

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Articles and trivia
We bring you the second in the series "Popularity of Carnatic Music" by Dr. Jayakumar. Send us your thoughts on this article, or discuss it in the forum. Click to read the article.

And here are also a few trivia for you to puzzle over until next time:

1. According to mythology, where did the mridangam come from? (check the site for the answer!)
2. The note "Santatam paahimaam" has the same tune as what American patriotic song?
3. This well-known composer has no compositions on Ganesha (hint - he is one of the Trinity of composers).


Forty-seven (47) new songs added! Included are a few varNams and ashTapadis of JayadEva. The last of the songs of KOTeeshwara Aiyyar are also included in this list!
ambikaanaatham - bhoopaaLam - HB
appanE - tODi - KI
aruL paarayyaa - bilahari - KI
baalalOcana - dhanyaasi - HB
bhaktavatsalaa - karnaaTaka behaag - HB
danta maamukha - naaTTai - KI
Edum ariyEnE - sahaanaa - KI
eeshan kanaka sabhEshan - bEgaDa - KI
geetaamudamE - madyamaavati - KI
innam en manam (varNam)
kaalaateetaaya - sudda dhanyaasi - HB
kanakavEla - shree - KI
krpaasaagaram - maadhavamanOhari - HB
krpai paarayyaa - dhanyaasi - KI
maanE mOham (varNam) - saavEri - KI
mahaa gaNapatE - kaanaDaa - KI
manavaadiru manamE - kEdaaram - KI
mOna jnaana - gowLa - KI
naada tatva - bEgaDa - KI
neelalOhitaa kaalakaala - maaLavi - HB
Omkaara praNava (varNam) - shhanmugapriyaa - BK
pinaakinE mahaa - brindaavana saaranga - HB
raamaa ravikulasOmaa - bhairavi - KI
saamee deekshitaa - dEva manOhari - KI
saami idE - kEdaara gowLa KI
saami neeyE gati (varNam) - kEdaara gowLa - KI
sarva swaroopam - karnaaTaka kaapi - HB
shambhO shankara - kalyaaNi - KI
shankara gangaadhara - sudda saavEri - HB
shashishEkharaa - poornacandrikaa HB
shipivishhTam - bilahari - HB
shree bhavam - garuDadhvani - HB
shree vENugOpaala - darbaar - KI
shree viroopaaksha - gowri - HB
shreekaNTha dayaanidhE - saalagabhairavi - HB
taa taa nin paadam - aThaaNaa - KI
taruvE ninnaruL - varaaLi - KI
uLam ariyaadaa - shree ranjani - KI
vaa sharavaNabhavaa - bilahari - KI
vaamadEvaa - mOhanam - HB
vaaraNam aayiram (nacciyaar tirumozhi) - AT
vaavaa shikhivaahana - naaTTai - KI
varavENum (varNam) - dhanyaasi - KI
vElavaa vaavaa - aarabi - KI
vElayyaa - saavEri - KI
vishNu vallabha - tODi - HB
yamunaa teera (ashtapadi) - JD


karnATik this month

This issue brings you SO many more lyrics it puts the number over 900 (scroll down to see what songs are new). Plus, a few extra bonuses that I hope will be popular and useful. As usual, comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

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