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karnATik kritique
April 29, 2002   All the Carnatic music you need!
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The Articles Section

Check the articles section for our old articles as well as any new ones that are posted. It's good reading!

Updated links

You weren't the only one sick of all the broken links - I found the real addresses of a few, trashed the others, and added a few new ones, too. Check them out and visit all the other great Carnatic sites, which get better by the day. Every listing has a full description and all are organized by category - and you can find all the links with lyrics in the top section.
Annotated Links

Four new quizzes!

We used to have only 1 quiz, but now there are 5! All are self-scoring so you get the answers instantly. See how well you know

- Carnatic Ragas
- TaaLa
- Women in Carnatic Music
- Indian Classical Instruments

Listen and learn

We've had beginners' lessons notations for a while now, but beginning this issue, I'm including audio on the site too! Now you can listen to each section of the lesson independently, sung at a reasonable pace to follow along while you read. You can also learn to sing in first, second, third and fourth speed!
Lesson 1: Sarali varisai

Featured Links - Annamcharya

Find full lyrics to 18 songs.
Lyrics to a few songs, plus a full biography of the composer, places to buy music, and more.

Listen to audio of over 20 songs.
A society for Annamacharya, which has background on the composer, picutes, and other information.

What's new?

If you missed the latest additions or last month's issue, don't worry. All our new stuff is on the site. If you still haven't posted something in our forum or added a listing to the calendar, go do it now!

Some other ideas: You can also check out the varNams we have. Or search for lyrics, scroll through them, and print them out. Find out what a note is. Tell a friend about the site. Download the glossary or look up a word. Take one of our minipolls. Sign up a friend for the mailing list. Visit some other links. Read what others have to say about the site in Visitors' Comments. Take a music lesson. Learn some theory. The fun goes on!
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Articles and trivia
This month Chitravina N. Ravikiran sends us his thoughts on the famous composer OothukkaaDu VenkaTasubbaiyyar. Read the musician's eloquent tribute. Send us your thoughts on this article, or discuss it in the forum. Click to read the article.

Trivia answers:
1)The mridangam was created to commemorate the slaying of a demon by Ganesha.
2)"My country 'tis of thee." It also has the same tune as the British anthem "God Save the Queen/King."
3)Shyama Sastri.

And here are few more trivia for you to puzzle over until next time:

a. Who is considered the father of Carnatic music?

b. Who created the first swarajati?

c. Who were the Seerkaazhi Three?


Thirty (30) new songs added! These are all by Muthiah Bhaagavatar.

ambikaanaatham - bhoopaaLam - HB
andhakaasura - sahaanaa - HB
baalalOcana - dhanyaasi - HB
bhaktavatsalaa - karnaaTaka behaag - HB
bheemam bajEham - dEvagaandhaari - HB
dEvam kavacinam - bangaaLa - HB
gangaadhara - shankaraabharaNam - HB
harahara citikaNThaa - pharaju - HB
kaalaateetaaya - sudda dhanyaasi - HB
kaalakaalam - gowLa - HB
kaamaarim bhaja - darbaar - HB
kailaasavaasam - sindu raamakriyaa - HB
kapaalinam - hindustaani kaapi - HB
krpaanidhE - hamsanaadam - HB
krpaasaagaram - maadhavamanOhari - HB
lalaaTaakshha - naaTTai - HB
mrgapaaNE - bhairavi - HB
neelalOhitaa kaalakaala - maaLavi - HB
parashu hastaaya - navarasa kannaDa - HB
pashupatim ugram - aarabi - HB
sarva swaroopam - karnaaTaka kaapi - HB
shambum kaToram - bhooshaavaLi - HB
shankara gangaadhara - sudda saavEri - HB
shipivishhTham - bilahari - HB
shivaapriyaa - shree ranjani - HB
shree bhavam - garuDadhvani - HB
shree jaTaadharaa - sindu mandaari - HB
shree trilOkEsham - saavEri - HB
shreekaNTha dayaanidhE - saalagabhairavi - HB
vishNu vallabha - tODi - HB


karnATik this month

In this issue, we've got a lot more new and cool stuff, including 30 more song lyrics (scroll down to see what songs are new). Not to mention the audio lessons, a fantastic article by Chitravina master N. Ravikiran, and even more quizzes. Please send in your comments and suggestions - they are always valuable.

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Sarali varisai


What's new?

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