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karnATik kritique
July 3, 2002   All the Carnatic music you need!
What's new?
Book List

You asked for a list of Carnatic music or Indian music books, and here it is.
Book List

Film songs

A very thoughtful reader suggested a separate section of film songs. I thought, great idea! Now you can browse film songs by title and find out the raga of each!
Film Songs


The glossary has been updated with several new terms. You can see it online or download the new, updated version!

Other stuff

You'll find mini-improvements the site over as I try to update it little by little. A few more song meanings here, a composer biography there, fixing typos, etc., all trying to make each bit better. If you see anything else that needs tweaking and have an idea how to do it, please let me know.

Featured Links - Tyagaraja

Bhajana Sampradaya
Hundreds (maybe 600?) lyrics, some with audio, to songs by Tyagaraja and other composer. The site also has photos, bios, sortable lists and more.

Tyagaraja lyrics
R. Sanka's lyrics to nearly 100 Tyagaraja kritis in neat transliteration.

If you missed the latest additions or last month's issue, don't worry. All our new stuff is on the site. If you still haven't posted something in our message forum or added a listing to the calendar (now updated), go do it now!

Some other ideas: You can also check out the geethams we have. Or scroll through composers, read a biography, and print it out. Check the glossary for a meaning. Tell a friend about the site. Take a quiz. Take one of our minipolls. Sign up a friend for the mailing list. Rave about the latest article in the message forum. Visit a site where you can listen to music. Find a good book to read from the booklist. Practice your janta varisais. Learn about swaras. I could go on and on!
What's new page


Articles and trivia
In this issue, R. Shanmugalingam, a Tamil scholar, tells us about the origins of music in Tamil literature. Read his beautiful article. Send us your thoughts on this article, or discuss it in the forum. Click to read the article.

Trivia answers:
1)Purandara Dasa. He set up the system of varisais and systematized teaching in maayaa maaLavagowLa.
2)The first swarajati was created by Melattur Veerabhadrayya (1739-1786).
3)AruNaacala Kavi, Marimuta PiLLai, and MuttutaaNDavar.

And here are few more trivia for you to puzzle over until next time:

a. Which currently popular raga was the first bhaashaanga raga?

b. How many songs did Annamacharya compose?

c. Who was the first Carnatic musician to donate his eyes after death?


Thirty (20) new songs added! These are all by Muthiah Bhaagavatar.

aneeshwaram - caarukEshi - HB
dEvaaya havishhE - hamsanaadam - HB
gaNanaatham - pancamam - HB
jaya jaya bhasmO - sudda seemantini - HB
panca vaktaram - hamsadeepika - HB
paramaatmanE - hamsabhramari - HB
paripoorNaa - kuntala varaaLi - HB
saama priya - shyaamaa - HB
sadaashivam - hamsagamini - HB
sarvagjnaa - ravi candrikaa - HB
shivam vrshabhaarUDham - mOhana kalyaaNi - HB
shree trayeemurtE - jayanaaraayaNi - HB
shree veerabhadram - kannaDa - HB
shree vishvEshwara - harikaambhOji - HB
sOma sooryaagni - hamsanaadam - HB
sOmasundara - sarasaangi - HB
svaramayaa sugNaalayaa - keeravaaNi - HB
tripuraantakaa - behaag - HB
vrshaangam bhajarE - kEdaara gowLa - HB
yajnamayam - bhaavapriyaa - HB


karnATik this month

This issue (finally!) brings you new changes to Carnatic, in response to what people have been asking for. You'll find song meanings, film song lists, a list of books, and even more lyrics. Plus, check out a really interesting article by Tamil scholar R. Shanmugalingam. Look around, then be sure to send me your comments and suggestions - every one helps make the site better!

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Film Songs

Book list


What's new?

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