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karnATik kritique
October 7, 2002   All the Carnatic music you need!
What's new?
Lyrics, meanings, language

Did you know that over 150 song lyrics are listed with meanings? Now you can also view the first 5 in 4 different languages. Composers also have many more biographies! More to come...


As if karnATik wasn't fun enough! Now you can play four different puzzles and word games.


Now the starred (*) bhajan lyrics are in a separate section of their own.

Sangita Kalanidhis

It's considered among the most prestigious awards. Who won it? Check the list here.

Featured Links

It's a beautiful, old raga - find out all about it.

Vikram R&S Associates
If you were hankering for MORE lyrics, try their 100 here, in English, KannaDa, and by 5 popular composers.

If you missed the latest additions or last month's issue, don't worry. All our new stuff is on the site. If you still haven't posted something in our message forum or added a listing to the calendar (now updated), go do it now!

Some other ideas: You can also check out the glossary. Or scroll through composers, read a biography, and print it out. Listen to a lesson. Tell a friend about the site. Take a quiz. Try a puzzle. Sign up a friend for the mailing list. Rave about the latest article in the message forum. Visit a site where you can listen to music. Find a good book to read from the booklist. Practice your alankaarams. Learn about gamakas. I could go on and on!
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Articles and trivia
In this issue, S. Jayaram Uparna explains the meaning of Krishna nee begane. Read his beautiful article. Send us your thoughts on this article, or discuss it in the forum. Click to read the article.

Trivia answers:
1)The first bhaashaanga raga was called kausikam in the ancient paNN system, used by the Tevaram composers. It now goes by the name bhairavi.
2)Annamacharya is said to have composed an astounding 32,000 compositions!
3)Sangita Kalanidhi D.K. Jayaraman was the first to donate his eyes after death.

And here are few more trivia for you to puzzle over until next time:

a. Why did Adi Shankara compose "Bhaja govindam"?

b. What are the two major operas of Tyagaraja?

c. Muttuswami Dikshitar is said to have passed away during the singing of what song?


Fifty (50) new songs added! These are all by Muthiah Bhaagavatar. Plus, find more meanings and translations.

aanandaroopam - vijayashree - HB
ajam haram - neelaambari - HB
anagham akhilaaNDa - mandaari - HB
anantaaya sarvaaya - bowLi - HB
anEkaatmanE - vijayanaagari - HB
apavarga pradam - pashupatipriyaa - HB
ashhTamoortim - gowLipantu - HB
ati sundaram - simhEndra madhyamam - HB
bhagavatE rudraaya - kurinji - HB
bhajaamyaham - naagagaandhaari - HB
bhargam pashupatim - jingala - HB
bhava paasha - pushpalatika - HB
bhootapatayE - naagaswaraavaLi - HB
bhujanga bhooshhaNa - shencukaambhOji - HB
caaruvikrama - hamsadwani - HB
dakshhatvaaharam - shuruTTi - HB
dEvam sharaNyam - navrOj - HB
digambaram shivam - baalahamsa - HB
gireesham mahEsham - kaanaDaa - HB
giri dhanvinam - kOkiladhwani - HB
giri priyam - katanakutoohalam - HB
hara mrtyunjaya - maayamaaLava gowLa - HB
haraharaa mahaadEva - shenjuruTTi - HB
jagadgurO - gOpikavasantam - HB
khaNDa parashavE - yadukula kaambhOji - HB
krti vaasasE - poorvi kalyaaNi - HB
maanasa shaashvata - shhanmugapriyaa - HB
mahaabala gireesham - saaranga - HB
mahaadEvam - naaraayaNi - HB
mrtyunjayam - raamapriyaa - HB
namO hiraNya - mangaLakaishiki - HB
paapanaashanam - naadanaamakriyaa - HB
pashupatE namOstutE - saindhavi - HB
phaala lOcanam - sowraashTram - HB
pramathaadi - cakravaakam - HB
puraaraatayE - hindOLam - HB
purushhaaya - aananda bhairavi - HB
purushham pooshhadanta - dEva manOhari - HB
rudram mahEsham - saraswati - HB
saatvika shankaram - amritavarshini - HB
sahasra paadam - kEdaaram - HB
sahasraakshham - naayaki - HB
sarva jagad - manOrama - HB
shankaram sookshhma - hindOLavasantaa - HB
shiva mahaasEna - vasantaa - HB
shivam harim - kaambhOji - HB
shree paramEshvara - madyamaavati - HB
sthaaNum bhajaamyaham - karnaranjani - HB
taarakam shivam - shree raagam - HB
ugraaya avyakraaya - dharmavati - HB


karnATik this month

Even more changes are evident in Carnatic and this issue is filled with all you asked for. More audio, new sections of fun and serious stuff, and even more lyrics. Mr.S. Jayaram has also written a beautiful description of Krishna nee begane. Click on all the links, and let me know what you think - or post your thoughts in the Forum. This site will only improve with YOUR comments (and correct email address!)

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Sangita Kalanidhis


Lesson 2


What's new?

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