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karnATik kritique
November 13, 2002   All the Carnatic music you need!
What's new?
karnATik has a new look!
Thanks to reader comments, I am trying a new look to the site. The links on the left are organized by section - Lyrics, Reference Info, Fun, Theory (and on the right, stuff about the site), in green boxes. And there's more stuff:

- random changing music quotations on the top of the page
- Upcoming events listed at the bottom middle
- TuneTRIVIA - changes each time you visit!
- new colors !

Please email me and tell me what you think of the new site. Any and all comments are appreciated! karnATik


Whether this is your first, 9th or last issue of karnATik kritique, what you think about it matters. So here's a quick little survey, only 9 questions, where you can let me know how it's going. If it sucks, I want to know, so I can make it better. And let me know what NOT to change, too.
kritique Survey

More audio!
So many requests for audio on the site! Well, I am obliging, a little by little. Now you can listen to daaTu (taaTu) varisai online with Real Player.
Lesson 3

Lyrics, lists

Ever go to a concert and wonder what raga the song is in? Well, now with over 1200 songs on the site, that singer could be singing one of them! Our new downloadable PDF list is one you can take with you for reference, to look up that interesting song - raga, taaLa, composer. And if you ever need lyrics to a song, you can easily check if it's on the site and then visit us!
Download the lyrics list


You have probably been visiting the puzzles section (if you haven't, what are you waiting for, it's fun!), so you know the cool stuff that's there. Now there's a whole section devoted to interaction. It includes the forum, quizzes, calendar, jokes, puzzles, and a few new features too:

- live chat on karnATik
- madlibs (in puzzles) to make your story
- guestmap to post where you're from
- upcoming events (add yours!)

Among those, the Carnatic madlib! You type in the word (adjective - pretty, verb - dance, noun - potato), click the button, and out pops a story made from those words. It's hilarious and will have you laughing despite yourself. The guestmap is great, too - just click where in the world you are located, and choose a little person to represent you!


Did you know you can search for lyrics by composer, raga, taaLa, song name, even song type and deity? Want to find all the varnams by Muthiah Bhaagavatar? Raagamaalikas by Tyaagaraaja? You can do it. The search is fully functional, with a shortened version on the main page. And the results link back to lyrics, composer, and raga! How cool is that?
Full search

Privacy Policy

A few people have written not to get junk mail or have their email addresses shared. This is my promise on the site that your email address will not be shared without your consent. It's about time.
Privacy Policy

Featured Links

Detailed Carnatic Dictionary
30 terms, described lucidly by Visalakshi Nityanand.

Music Glossary
Over 200 terms, some of them unusual! Find out what they mean.

If you missed the latest additions or last month's issue, don't worry. All our new stuff is on the site. If you still haven't posted something in our message forum or added a listing to the calendar (now updated), go do it now!

What's new page


Articles and trivia
In this issue, MG Vasudevan gives a detailed, beautiful explanation of the song taayE yashOda, by way of analogy with a court scene. Read his imaginative courtroom drama. Send us your thoughts on this article, or discuss it in the forum. Click to read the article.

Trivia answers:
1)During Shankara's stay in Kashi, he saw an old man studying Sanskrit grammar. Telling him to give up grammar in favor of prayer and mind control, he created Bhaja Govindam.
2)Tyagaraja's two major operas are Nauka Charitram and Prahlada Bhakti Vijayam. Actually, there is a third, Sitarama Vijayam, which is less well-known.
3)It is said that Dikshitar passed away while his students sang Meenakshi memudam dEhi.

And here are few more trivia for you to puzzle over until next time:

a. Who is famous for his raagataaLamaalika - 108 ragas and talas?

b. Who gave Varadhachariar the nickname "Tiger"?

c. What is the origin of the name of the raga KaambhOji?


I have added 225 songs! That's the most ever, with the total now up to 1225. Phew! This set now includes ALL songs by Muthiah Bhaagavathar and so are NOT listed individually here (it would take a lot of space). You can see all the popular and other songs by this composer here.

In addition, a few other songs have been included:

kaartikEya - tODi - PS
kaNNan madhura idazhai - bhimpalaas - PS
paahi jagajjanani - vaacaspati - ST


karnATik this month

Carnatic Music should be fun. And in that spirit, more and more fun stuff has been added to the site, not to mention more lyrics, and a whole new look. The puzzles section is growing, with a madlib that will make you mad with laughter (I tried it a few times and laughed out loud!), news, events, changing trivia, quotations. There are more lyrics added at once than ever before, and you can download the whole list too! AND, once you've read this issue PLEASE take a moment to fill out the karnATik kritique survey. When you talk, we listen, and the site gets better (don't you love how that works?). Thanks, and enjoy!

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Privacy Policy


Lesson 3

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What's new?

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To subscribe or unsubscribe from karnATik, just go here, or send an email to with the subject SUBSCRIBE karnATik or UNSUBSCRIBE karnATik. Please include the complete (and CORRECT) email address you'd like subscribed. You will receive an email to confirm your subscription. Visit karnATik and tell all your friends!