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karnATik kritique
December 13, 2002   All the Carnatic music you need!
What's new? (special new lyrics!)
Old new stuff
If you haven't seen the new look of karnATik, now's the time. Check out the quotes at the top, the new Tune Trivia, Upcoming events (add yours!), new polls to vote in, a list of all our lyrics, and more. And send your feedback on them.



Whether this is your first, 9th or last issue of karnATik kritique, what you think about it matters. So here's a quick little survey, only 9 questions, where you can let me know how it's going. If it sucks, I want to know, so I can make it better. And let me know what NOT to change, too.
kritique Survey

Even more audio!
Everyone wants audio! Now you can listen to all the lessons while you learn: sarali, janTai, taaTu, mElstaayi, lower staayi varisais as well as alankaarams.
Audio Lessons

Featured Links

Music of South India
A real book, online! Check pages 131-169 for Carnatic. Then go on to North Indian music!

The Concert Tradition
How did the format of the current concert begin? Find out from one who helped create it. An article by AriyakuDi Ramanuja Iyengar.

If you missed the latest additions or last month's issue, don't worry. All our new stuff is on the site. If you still haven't posted something in our message forum or added a listing to the calendar (now updated), go do it now!

What's new page

NOW a new section! Each month, I will feature a new song, which you can view online and will know about only if you have access to the newsletter (don't you feel special?)! And, even better, there's an AUDIO file you can listen to, right there! Wow!

This month's song is vandEham in hamsadwani, sung by P. Unnikrishnan. Click to read and listen!


Articles and trivia
Once again, MG Vasudevan gives a detailed, beautiful explanation of the songs parallel to taayE yashoda: illai illai amma, which is Krishna's response, and pEsaadE pOngaLaDi, Yashoda's final judgement in the matter. Read his creative courtroom drama and learn what the songs mean. Send us your thoughts on this article, or discuss it in the forum. Click to go to articles.

Trivia answers:
1)Ramaswamy Dikshitar created the 108 ragatalamalika, or "ashTottara shata raaga-taaLa maalika," the longest Carnatic composition! It starts with the phrase "naatakaadi." Unfortunately, only 61 each of the raagas and taaLas are now available.
2)It is said that the Mysore Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar conferred this title upon him after listening to him sing a pallavi in poornacandrika.
3)There are two suspected origins for kaambhOji: one is said ot be Cambodia. However, this is in dispute, and another origin is said to be a region called KaambhOjam in northern India near the Himalayas.

And here are few more trivia for you to puzzle over until next time:

a. Why was Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar called "poochi" ?

b. Which raaga has only three different swaras?

c. Who is considered the "father of modern mridangam" ?


I have added another almost 200 songs! That's the most ever, with the total now up to 1520! This set now includes ALL songs by Badraacala Raamadaas and over a hundred by Tyaagaraaja, which are NOT listed individually here.
Badraacala Raamadaas compositions
Tyaagaraaja compositions

In addition, many other songs have been included:

aaDikkoNDaar anda - maayamaaLava gowLa, mOhanam - MT
aanalEkara (geetam) - sudda saavEri - PD
alaru kuriyaga - shankaraabharaNam - AC
ashaindaaDum mayil - simhEndra madhyamam - OV
ashhTalakshmi stOtram (slOka)
baalaa gOpaala krishNa - mOhanam - NT
bhaja bhaja maanasa - tilang - KVD
bhO shambhO - rEvati - DS
dEvadEvam - hindOLam - AC
ettanai kOTi inbam - dhanyaasi - OV
ettanai sonnaalum - saavEri - SRA
gaana mazhai - raagamaalika - AMK
gOvindamiha gOpikaa - madyamaavati - NT
hari smaraNe maaDO - yamunaa kalyaaNi - PD
illai illai ammaa - mOhanam - OV
jaya jaya padmanaabhaanujEsha - maNirangu
kaNNanai kaaNbadeppO - raagamaalika karpakavalliyun porpadam - bhairavi - LD
krpa jooDavamma - aananda bhairavi
kuvalayaakshirO (padam) - gowLipantu - K
madanaanga mOhana - kamaas - OV
maNi noopura dhaari - neelaambari - OV
maragata maNimaya - aarabi - OV
nallani mEni - poorvi kalyaaNi - AC
paahi jagajjanani - hamsaanandi - ST
paahimaam shree - janaranjani - MVA
paalimpa ravEdElaraa - aarabi - PSI
paalincu kaamaakshi - madyamaavati - S
pankajaaksha tava - tODi - ST
paripaahi maamayi - kalyaaNi - ST
pEsaadE pOngaLaDi - madyamaavati - OV
pullaay piravi taravENDum - shenjuruTTi - OV
raadhaa samEta krishna
ranganaathuDE - sowraashTram - PP
saamba shivaayanavE (swarajati) - kamaas - CD
saraswati namOstutE - saraswati - GNB
sarvam brahmamayam - jhinjoTi - SB
shiva raama krishna* - raagamaalika
shree mahaagaNapatim bhajEham - aThaaNaa - JW
simharoopanaada - kEdaara gowLa - PD
sumanasa vandita (slOka)
taaraka bindigE - sowraashTram, tilang - PD
tillaanaa - kamaas - PSA
vaLLi kaNavan (kaavaDi cindu) - shenjuruTTi
varadaraaja mupaasmahE - saaranga - D
vEnkaTaramaNane baarO - shankaraabharaNam - PD


karnATik this month

It's the end of the year, and karnATik has come a long way! I hope you'll join me in spreading the word and helping make the site better, bit by bit.

This issue has SO many more lyrics! Included are ALL lyrics by Badraacala Ramadas, more by Tyagaraja, a new article, and plenty more audio. After you've read this issue PLEASE take a moment to fill out the karnATik kritique survey. It really makes a difference, you'll see. Thanks, and enjoy!

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