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karnATik kritique
February 6, 2003   All the Carnatic music you need!
What's new? (special new lyrics!)
Composers and Sangeeta Kalanidhis
I've added more pictures to the composer lists. In case you wondered what Bhadracala Ramadas might have looked like. Or Purandara Dasa. 38 new pictures have been added. Also, the sangeetha kalanidhi list has been linked a bit to the composers, so you can find out more about each SK!

Sangeeta Kalaanidhis

Downloadable lessons, pdfs

You've been visiting the site, listening to all the lessons, viewing the notations. But now you want to do it OFFline? Download the audio files and then download the lessons too! They are in PDF format with the full notations! Our list of compositions has also been updated with the new lyrics added (see below). Check it out:
Beginner Lessons

This is here in the new features again to get MORE feedback. Please fill out the survey. I can't improve this newsletter unless I know what you think. It takes so little time and makes so much difference! Go to the link below.

Featured Links

Learning Tapes
Audio tapes for learning melakartas, janya ragas, and more!

Cleveland Tyagaraja Aradhana
The biggest Carnatic music festival in the USA - April 19-27.

If you missed the latest additions or last month's issue, don't worry. All our new stuff is on the site. If you still haven't posted something in our message forum or added a listing to the calendar (now updated), go do it now!

What's new page

NEW Last month, vandEham jagat was sung by Unnikrishnan. This time, we bring you a couple of female artists, the famous Priya Sisters. You can see it online and only you know about it, because you got the newsletter (lucky you!). You can listen and read the lyrics at the same time. Also, check out the raga info on aarabi by clicking the name of the raga, or find out more about the composer by clicking on his name!

This month's song is naadasuda in aarabi, sung by the Priya Sisters. Click to read and listen!


Articles and trivia

With this year's Tyagaraja aradhana just past, it is time to look to the composer and learn a little more about him. Professor of Music Sri R. Ganapathi Subramanian has kindly given karnATik a transcript of his Live Commentary (aired on All India Radio) of last year's Tyagaraja Aradhana at Tiruvaiyaru. Included in the first part of his commentary is a fascinating history of Tyagaraja. Send us your thoughts on this article, or discuss it in the forum. Click to go to the article.

Trivia answers:
1) Srinivasa Iyengar is said to have been called Poochi (insect) for one of 3 reasons:
- he was energetic as a child like an insect (busy as a bee)
- his voice had the hum of a bee or he flayed his arms while singing
- his name was actually Poochu (smear) because he applied sandal paste all over his body
The actual reason is unknown.

2)A raga created by Balamurali Krishna, trishakti, has only the swaras s m p S, S p m s, a janya of kanakaangi.

3)Tanjore Narayanaswamy Appa, who was also the first to play the mridangam for concerts.

And here are few more trivia for you to puzzle over until next time:

a. Which Carnatic musician adapted patterns from the tabla to the mridangam?

b. Purandara Dasa's first kriti was in what raaga?

c. This year's Tyagaraja Aradhana at Tiruvaiyaru will be what number? (see this issue's article for a big hint!)


I have added another 9 Tyagaraja songs! Also linked now are the lyrics of last month's audio/lyrics special by Annamacharya and sung by Unnikrishnan. Now there are over 340 songs by Tyagaraja.
Tyaagaraaja compositions

laalaagaanu joocu - divyaamaNi, dundubi - T
laali guNashaali - kEdaara gowLa - T
laali laalayya - kEdaara gowLa - T
laali laaliyani - harikaambhOji - T
laali yugavE - neelaambari - T
laavaNya raama - poornashadjam - T
lakshaNamulu - sudda saavEri - T
lalitE shree - bhairavi - T
lEmidelpa pedda - navaneetam, paavani - T
vandEham jagat - hamsadwani - AC


karnATik this month

It's a new year, with new stuff slowly improving the website, and a new year to be filled with the sound of music! Here's to learning, listening, and loving!

This issue has several new features - more audio, lyrics, pictures, and info. After you've read this issue PLEASE take a moment to fill out the karnATik kritique survey. It really will matter. Thanks, and have fun!

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