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August 25, 2003All the Carnatic music you need!
What's new? (kartoons!)
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Comics and Cards

Did you see last month's karnATik kartoon? If not, it's time to revisit
it. It will split your sides (I hope). You can also send it as a greeting
card to someone and make them smile. There's a new one this month -


Downloadable Lessons

If you didn't feel like downloading each of the lesson audio files one by
one, I now have them available for download as one big zip file (Thanks
Venkat!). All you need is a Yahoo ID, then send your info as below:

Zipped lessons

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Soap opera story - Music is forever

I've started a new continuing fiction series - one long neverending story
in a soap opera style. You can check out the first installment this month!
Over the months I hope you'll be sad, happy, thrilled, angry, and amazed
as you follow the lives of these characters. Your feedback (and fan mail)
are appreciated. From time to time, a guest writer will be invited for the
stories as well. Happy Reading!


New forum!

karnATik has a new message forum. The old one was working ok but didn't
give you as many options. The new one allows multiple different forums on
different topics, lets you see which was updated last, and looks a little
better. It takes no time to sign up and you can also make guest entries.
Post all the requests you want!

New forum

Featured Links


Music of Kerala, with message forums, lyrics to a few songs, reviews,
quiz, database of almost 900 film songs (by name or raga, tamil,
malayalam), and links to many other sites.

Carnatic Corner at Chembur.com

Many articles on carnatic music and composers, program schedules, and
a list of books available for reference.

If you missed the latest additions or last month's
issue, don't worry. All our new stuff is on the site.

What's new page

Articles and trivia

Last month, Prof. Ganapathi Subramanian talked about the 2002 Tyagaraja
Aradhana. This month, K. Sundararajan gives us a descriptive analysis of
Tyagaraja's unique vision. Send us your thoughts on this article. Click to go to the article.

Trivia answers:

1) Charumathi Ramachandran tuned this Ambujam Krishna song.

2) He kept a different ghatam specially for each artist!

3) Tyagaraja.

Purandaradasa's 1st composition was aadaddella Olithe Aayithu in Raga
Poorvikalyani. (Sent by Harini).

And here are few more trivia for you to puzzle over until next time:

a. Who recently developed the world's tiniest musical instrument?

b. Professor Sambamurthy and his orchestra provided the background music
for what movie?

c. Which musician warned that it is only the vilamba kala (slow
tempo) singing that shows the true beauty of music?

I have added another 100 songswith almost 60 more
Tyagaraja songs, songs kindly contributed by composer Ashok Madhav, and
more by various other composers! That makes 1700 songs total!

Tyaagaraaja compositions

Ashok Madhav compositions

More songs now on the site:


adharam madhuram - mishra kamaaj - VBC


biraana brOva idi - kalyaaNi - TPA


candana carcita (ashhTapadi) - kaamavardhani - JD


deena sharaNyanE - karnaranjani - NR


kaaLinga nartthana tillaanaa - naaTTai, gambheeranaaTTai - OV


kaashee vishaalaakshheem bhajEham - gamanashramaa - D


kaNNan pirandaan - saaranga taarangini - SMB


karpagavalli nin - raagamaalika


maal marugaa - vasantaa - PS


madhuraashhTakam - mishra kamaaj - VBC


murugan kavuttuvam - gowLa - PP, VD


naaraayaNa divya naamam - mOhanam - PS


praNataartihara prabhO - 72 mEla raagamaalika - MVA


raamacandraaya namastE - tODi - D


saamagaana priyE (note) - shankaraabharaNam - D


saaramaina - behaag, neelaambari - ST


sarasijaakshulu - kaambhOji - VD


sharanu siddhi vinaayaka - sowraashTram - PD


shree vigna raajam bhajE - gambheeranaaTTai - OV


shringaara mooritivi - kamaas - AC


tillaanaa (kaaLinga narttana) - naaTTai, gambheeranaaTTai - OV


tirupati vEnkaTaramaNa - kharaharapriyaa - PD


valaci yunna (varNam) - valaci - KS


vElan varuvaaraDi - raagamaalika - DVP


viduruni vinda vijayeebhava - sudda saavEri - AC

karnATik this month
Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
- Victor Hugo

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