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karnATik Singers - Rajee GOpalakrishnan

Raji Gopalakrishnan

Rajee GOpaalakrishnan is professional vocalist and hails from a Musical Family. She had her initial training from her father Shri.P.V.Natarajan. She later had formal training from Shri.T.S.Krishnaswamy Bhagawathar at Krishna Music Academy, Bombay, and advanced training from Smt.T.R.Balamani, Bombay. At present she is getting advance guidance from Sangeetha Kalanidhi Shri. T.M.Thyagarajan.

Raji has won many Awards and Gold Medals and has won first prizes in many competitions held by various sangeetha sabhas and organisations. She gave up scholarship leading to Phd in Political Science in preference to dedicated approach to Classical Music.

Raji was residing at Bahrain for 14 years and giving concerts and teaching music. She gave many concerts at Middle East and has also toured U.K and USA. Since 1992 she has been residing at Madras and has been giving number of concerts at Madras and at various organisations in India. She has given concerts of exclusive Tamil Songs and many Thematic Concerts. She was also invited by The Music Academy to give Lecture Demonstration.

Raji is an A Grade Artist at A.I.R Madras. Her Performance in Door Darshan and other Satellite Channels and also in Radio Sangeeth Sammelan has been well acclaimed and appreciated. Blessed with a Rich Voice, her concert has an infallible conformity with Tradition yet marked by fusion of Creativity and Stylised Elegance.

Raji has gone on concert tours several times to USA, Canada, UK and Middle East. She has performed in the Clevland Thyagaraja festival in the year 1999, 2002, 2004 and 2005.

Raji has been conducting workshops and concerts at Toronto every summer since 2001.

Raji was awarded the Gold medal for RTP by The Music Academy during the Sadas on January 1, 2003 and Outstanding Lady Vocalist on January 1, 2004 and January 2005.

She has been awarded the title "Suswara Sukhalaya" in the year 2003. She is the receipient of the Rotary Vocational Excellance award.

Raji has many cassettes and CD’s to her credit , the recent release being a Devotional CD “Madhuradhwani”, which contain the compositions of Shri.K.Ramaraj and Shri.P.V.Natarajan.


Songs performed:

  1. annaiyE nin paadamE - kamaas - KR
  2. brahma vishnu mahEshwara - kanankaangi - KR
  3. gamaka ezhil - naaTTai kurinji - KR
  4. gambheera gandharva - shankaraabharaNam - KR

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