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Song: aisi laagi lagan (bhajan)

Esi lAgi laganu

Composer: Meera
Language: Hindi

aisi lAgi lagan mIra hO gayi magan
wO to gali-gali hari guna gAnE lagi
mehlo mein pali, ban ke jOgun cali
mIra rAni divAni kahanE lagi
aisi lAgi lagan mIra hO gayi magan >>>x2


koi rOkE nahi, koi TOkE nahi
mIra gOvinda gOpAl-e gAnE lagi
baiThi santOn ke sang rangi mOhan ke rang
mIra prEmi prItam kO manAnE lagi
wO to gali-gali hari guna gAnE lagi

So deep is this attachment ( to Krishna) that Meera has become completely absorbed in it (alt.. Like this it happened, that Mira became one-pointed) Singing the praises of Krishna down every street She was born and groomed in Palaces, but now she has become a devotee of Krishna (Yogini) People speak as if Meera has gone mad. Nobody could stop her; nobody could interrupt her Meera is singing of Krishna (Govind / Gopal) Sitting in the company of Saints and Sages, Meera became dyed in the color of Krishna (Mohan) Meera, the Lover, has merged into the Beloved (All 4 lines twice)

Other information:
Lyrics contributed by Lakshman Ragde.

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updated on 03/23/2009