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Thanks for visiting- you have questions, and we try to give you answers.

For feedback regarding karnATik's smartphone apps, please send an email using the app's contact form.

Right now we're swamped with emails and are slowly answering old requests. Please bear with us.

In the meantime, here are some places you can get answers you're looking for:

  1. Not sure how to start or where to find what you're looking for? Check our Frequently Asked Questions.

  2. For lyrics, meanings, and audio, check the lyrics page, or search for the song you want.

  3. If you are having technical problems with downloads, please check the download instructions on the downloads page. Also make sure your files have fully downloaded and that you have the right software. If that still doesn't work, try a post in the forum.

  4. We don't have it on our site? You can also check the Links page for a lot of resources.

  5. For meanings and requests that you cannot find in those places, please post a request in the karnatik forum or try another message board.

  6. If you have suggestions, please make them on the karnATik forum in the Ideas section

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updated on 06/26/2014