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Famous Carnatic Composers

Mazhavai Cidambara Bhaarati - An 18th century composer of repute. His son Ishwara Bharati composed vaTamalai nikaNTu in Tamil. Chidambara Bharati was a contemporary of Kavi Kunjara Bharati. He composed in Tamil and Telugu and was well-versed in music. A publication brought out by the Music Academy, containing the songs of this composer, in 1964, compiled by his disciple, Dr. Sitarama Iyer of Madurai contains a biography of this composer.He worshipped music for personal bliss, rather than for career, and composed songs on many deities around his village Mazhavarayanendal (Mazhavai). He also composed Charitrams (Rukmani Kalyanam and Dhruva Charitam) and on Nayanmars, particularly Somasimara Nayanar. He engaged himself in Sivakatha and Harikatha expositions. Other compositions include his Perinba Kritis and songs on Goddess Meenakshi, Bruhadamba (Pudukkottai). The composer's techniques were beautiful, including lyrical beauties, and Prasa, the usage of the same word, repeated differently to give different meanings. Some compositions: Taanaa Naane, Poomel, Sivi darbha Nagara vasi, Karunai Purindu, Amba Krupai, Karunai Vaittu, Kanmanayiye Solladi.




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