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Pallavi SEsha Aiyyar - (1842 - 1909) A musician and composer, he could trace his musical lineage to Tyagaraja through his father Neykkarapatti Subbayar, who was a disciple of the saint. Like his father, he sang bhajans in the houses of learned men and bhaktas and earned fame. His concerts were dominated by Ragam-Thanam-Pallavi which occupied as much as 2/3 of the concert (and therefore few kritis!). Because he was talented in the art of singing pallavi, he was given the appellation.

Sesha Iyer composed in many rare ragas like kanakaangi, maanavati, taanarupi, mallikavasantam and pushpalatika. He was also one of the few composers who set his own notation for his songs and left behind a manuscript with the scales of around 1000 ragas. He received special honours from the Maharaja of Mysore. Later, he stayed in Bangalore for a number of years and taught his compositions to musicians in Bangalore and Mysore. Towards the latter part of his life, he lived in Madras. His foremost disciples were Manattattaai Duraiswami Aiyar, Chintalapalli Venkata Rao and Nagaswaram Krishna.

Mudra: SEsha


  1. paalimpa ravEdElaraa - aarabi
  2. tillaanaa - dhanyaasi

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