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Famous Carnatic Composers - TD

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Tulsidas - The author of the Ramayana in Hindi, he was considered an incarnation of Sage Valmiki. He also composed many bhajans. His full name is Goswami Tulsidas, and he was born at Rajpur in Uttar Pradesh in 1532 AD to Aatmaraam Shukla and Hulsi. He married Buddhimati (Ratnavali) and had a son named Tulak.

Being very attached to his wife, he even went after her when she went to her father's house. His wife told him that if he had half the same devotion for Lord Rama intead, he could attain enlightenment. So Tulsidas became an ascetic. He went to a Hanuman temple, where he met Hanuman himself and saw Lord Rama. As a result, he wrote the Ram charith maanas in Hindi (the Ramayan or RaamaayaNa). He also wrote Vinayak Patrika.

Tulsidas lived a long life and died in 1623.



  1. raghuvar tum kO - aahir bhairav

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