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All new contest!
Welcome to karnATik's Contest #2. Rules: - Answer the following 10 tough Carnatic questions. Use whatever books/internet/tapes you may need, but please don't ask others.
- Send your responses by email with your name, email, and mailing address to webmaster (at) karnatik (dot) com with the subject "CONTEST ENTRY" by October 31st, 2007.
- The first person to send in all 10 correct answers will win a prize! (We will also award a prize to a runner up). Results will be announced in the next newsletter.

Contest Questions

  1. Sangeetha Sara notes 25 unflattering qualities of a gayaka (singer). Name two and describe them.
  2. What is the interval of a major tone (expressed as a fraction)?
  3. Describe the major difference between Margi and Desi ragas.
  4. Ramaswami Sivan was brother to what other famous composer?
  5. Who introduced the raga shankara mohanam?
  6. How many kshanas (time taken to pierce a bundle of hundred lotus petals) make one druta?
  7. Shukla manjari is a synonym of what raga?
  8. What was Narayana Thirtha's given name at birth?
  9. Name the three talas of the suladi narayana kesava sri ramani natha.
  10. The words "sama nigama-" from Tyagaraja's samajavara gamana and "padasa-" from devi ni of Shyama Sastry are examples of what?

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