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karnATik Singers - Bindu Nair

Bindu Nair

Bindu Nair, who currenly lives in Bangalore, India, has been a student of carnatic music for the past few years. Her first Guru was Smt. Bharati Sivaraman from Delhi, under whom she trained for 2-3 years. For the past 3 years she has been the disciple of Smt. Archana Bhat of Bangalore. Having secured distinction in her junior level exam, she now also trains children for the junior level. She also performs under the patronage of "Ragasannidhi," an organisation promoted by her Guru's family for the cause of encouraging musical talent.


Songs performed:

  1. Elu nArAyaNanE - bowLi - KD
  2. gajavadana bEDuvE - hamsadwani - PD
  3. rAmacandram bhAvayAmi - vasantaa - D
  4. tulasIdala - mAyamALava gowLa - T
  5. vAsudEvayani - kalyANi - T

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updated on 03/20/2009