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Your voice wanted for our pages


If you can sing well, we'd love to have you sing for us. So many songs on karnATik don't have audio, and just need someone to sing them for us. If you'd like to sing a song (rare songs are especially needed!), just send in an audio file in mp3 or wav format to submit voice at karnatik dot com

Please make sure the song doesn't already have audio on our pages, and that it's not an otherwise copyrighted audio version or a song sung by someone else! Sending in your voice will be a great benefit to everyone, so we need you to allow anyone to download and listen to any songs you send in, and for us to be able to place it wherever on the site it's appropriate. We'll also of course credit you with your name on the song lyrics page.

Please note that your audio must be of good enough quality to play, and your file must be under 10MB in size. Please do not include elaborate alapana, swara kalpana, or other elaborate improvisations (this will also keep the file size small). If you've done well, we will be thrilled to have you as part of our team. We're thankful to you for your contribution to karnATik, in helping keep it free and available to all!

To send your very own audio file:

  1. First send a sample of your singing/playing (youtube, or a small <5MB file with your singing to submitvoice at karnatik dot com, along with an intro stating you'd like to sing a few songs for karnatik.
  2. You should receive a reply stating whether your performance is approved. If so, please proceed as below.
  3. Think of a song or songs you'd like to sing for us.
  4. Check lyrics.karnatik.com for the song. Click on it and check that the song doesn't have a "Click to listen" link.
  5. Write down the name and link to the song (e.g. http://www.karnatik.com/c1000.shtml) in a draft email.
  6. If the song is not on karnATik, don't worry, go ahead to the next step. If we don't have the lyrics already, we'll contact you. Just write down the pallavi line in your draft email.
  7. Prepare your microphone or digital recorder within easy reach. Do not put your mouth directly on the microphone, which can create static.
  8. Have a shruti box playing in the background, and optionally include instrumental accompaniment. If you do not have a mridangam, make sure to sound out the tala clearly.
  9. Sing or perform the song, pronouncing the words and phrases clearly and in shruti.
  10. Save the recorded file to your computer in mp3 or wav format.
  11. Check that your file is no more than 10MB in size. If it is, reduce your recording quality or shorten the song. Please try to keep most songs to 10 minutes or less.
  12. Attach a biography of yourself (a few lines to 1 page) which includes your full name, age, profession, gurus, and any teaching/performing experience.
  13. Attach a photograph of yourself.
  14. Email your file, biography, song link/pallavi line, and photograph to s u b m i t v o i c e at k a r n a t i k dot c o m
  15. You may send multiple songs. Please note that we may ask you to re-record a song if it is not clear, and we appreciate all the effort you're taking for the benefit of your fellow music-lovers!
  16. You'll receive a confirmation message plus a follow up email when we have listened to the song (please wait about a month, since we receive many submissions).

Our deepest thanks for helping make karnATik better!

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updated on 11/24/2012