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Song: buddhi raadu

buddhi raadhu
raagam: shankaraabharaNam

29 dheera shankaraabharaNam mela
Aa: S R2 G3 M1 P D2 N3 S
Av: S N3 D2 P M1 G3 R2 S

taaLam: jhampa
Composer: Tyaagaraaja
Language: Telugu


buddhi rAdu buddhi rAdu peddala suddulu vinaka


buddhi rAdu buddhi rAdu bhUri vidyala nErcina

caraNam 1

dhAnya dhanamulacEta dharma mentayu jEsina ananya bhaktula vAgamrta pAnamu sEyaka

caraNam 2

mAnaka bhAgavatAdi rAmAyaNamula jadivina mAnusAvatAra carita marmajnula jatagUdaka

caraNam 3

yOgamu labhyasincina bhOgamu lentO galigina tyAgarAja nutudau rAma dAsula celimi sEyaka

However highly educated one may be, real wisdom will not dawn on him unless he is inspired by the association and teachings of great men. Extensive charity alone will not securewisdom unless one has drunk deep of the teachings of devotees inspired by pointed devotion to the Lord. Even if one is engaged in constant study and exposition of epics like the Ramayana and the Bhagavata, unless he has the close association of saints, true wisdom is unattainable. One may have attained mastery in yoga. He may even be able to command the Siddhis, leading to supernatural enjoyment, but if he does not secure the friendship, good will and advice of the cherished devotees of Rama, real wisdom will elude him.

Other information:
Lyrics contributed by Lakshman Ragde. Meaning from Compositions of Tyagaraja by TK Govinda Rao.

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