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Song: pEshaadE pOngaLaDi

pEsaadE pOngaLaDi
raagam: madyamaavati

22 kharaharapriya janya
Aa: S R2 M1 P N2 S
Av: S N2 P M1 R2 S

Composer: OotukkaaDu VenkaTasubbaiyyar
Language: Tamil


PEsaadhE pOngaLadi en
Pillai vanthu ungaL veettil kaLLam ittaan enRu solli
PEsuginReer kaiyai kaiyai veesuginReer vElai illai (pEsaadhE)


Kaasaambu mEniyuLLa kattazhagan en piLLai
Kaalaiyil irunthu ennaik kaNamum agalavillai
Vaachaama gOcharamaai vanthu sonneer intha sollai ungaL
Vambukkum thumbukkum en than magan thanO vElai illai

caraNam 1

Ival aanaal miga naaNam kondavaL nERRu
Intha mahaaraajan veettai sontha veedu enRu eNNi
Ingum angum alainthu thirinthavaL
UvamaiyOdu uLaRik kotti muththam ittaan enRu solli
Oor aRiya muzhakki vittu naaNam aaguthu enRavaL

caraNam 2

Kaiyum meyyum aaga pidiththu vanthEn enRu solli
kaNakkaagap pEsinaaLE ivaL oru kaLLI
Meyyaagak kaattadi enRaal vizhiyum paraparaththu than
MiraLum piLLaiyaik kaatti vizhikkiRaaLE palli

caraNam 3

Oork kuzhandhai azhudhaalO kaNNan kiLLI vittaan
URi onRu vizhunthaalO kaNNan thaLLi vittaan
Kaar veNNaik kaaNOm enRaal kaNNan koLLaiyittaan ungaL
KaRpanai seyyum poyyukku kaNNanO agappattan

pallavi: Hey gopees, Don't talk and go from here. You came here all the way with accusations that my son came to your house and did some theft. You also stretched your hands with accusing fingers. Perhaps you all do not have any other work.

anupallavi: My son is a beautiful child, like that "neelothpalam" flower [blue coloured flower]. He has not left my side since morning. You all talk so lengthy and nicely that my son did this, did that etc. For all your rumour monging qualities, gossip hunting nature, is it that only my son is the subject. Hey, You all, please go.

caraNam 1: This lady -who accused krishna, that, she felt very shy when he kissed her in her mouth[ like a husband kissing his wife]- was roaming here and there in this palace thinking that this is her house. She wandered in this house, blabbering and quoting some proverbs and announced to everybody without any shyness that she was kissed in her lips. Now she accuses krishna kissed in her mouth and so she feels shy. Hey you better go.

caraNam 2: [To another] She claimed, "I caught hold of krishna when he was stealing butter. Oh! Yasodha, please see" she said. But, when I looked at that boy, to my surprise, it was not krishna, but her own son, blinking for that mischief, he did in the house. For your son's mistakes, oh, my dear, you better punish your son. Do not blame krishna. I will not say anything more than this.

caraNam 3: Any child when it starts crying, for you, Oh gopees! It is due to pinching by krishna. The rope hanger, if falls for any reason, it is due to krishna. The butter, if missing in pots, then it means, immediately, that krishna only stole the butter. Hey, for all your imaginations and lies, is it that only my son is the subject. Hey, you all, better get lost from here, without any talking.

Conclusion: Dear readers, See the judgement is in favour of krishna. It is not because the judge is his mother, but the reasoning and calling of witnesses, arguments carried out nicely by krishna etc. Otherwise the judgement is very nice.

The nice way, in which these compositions are made, are 'par excellence'. Each and every line is worth akshara laksham. While drafting this write-up simply aanandha bhashpam was flowing from my eyes and could not resist that. That is the taste of enjoying krishna and krishna bhakthi that is why I ventured to share these with you all.

Thank you, M.G.Vasudevan

Other information:
This song is associated with taayE yashOda and illai illaiyamma, as the "final judgement" of Yashoda against the gopis in favor of her child. The three songs are compared beautifully (see the meanings for each), with parallels in each song, by M.G. Vasudevan, who kindly provided lyrics, meaning, and commentary.

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