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Famous Carnatic Composers - PV

Smt. Padma Veeraraaghavan - A disciple of K.V. Narayanaswamy, she is a well-known veena artist as well as a singer. Daughter of PS Varadachariar, she leads a choral group called Godha Priyaa. her compositions include a set of songs in each of the 72 melakartas Sri Oppiliappan and Bhoomi Devi. She has traveled, active in educating both Indians and Westerners about music, especially Carnatic music. She has made major contributions to temples around South India - including crowns, clothing, and other beautiful items of her own design. Her students, such as Chitra and Vidya the sisters are also well-known.



  1. aayar paaDi kaNNaa - sudda dhanyaasi
  2. kaNDavuDan uLLam - reeti gowLa
  3. kOTi manmata - ranjani
  4. neela vaNNa kaNNaa - hameer kalyaaNi
  5. nenjamellaam - ranjani
  6. oyyaara nadiyuDan - dEsh
  7. sapta swarangaL un caraNa - kaambhOji
  8. urugaada uLLam - brindaavani
  9. urugaada uLLam undo - sudda saveri
  10. vandaruLvaay - kuntala varaaLi
  11. varadaa varam taa - mOhanam
  12. varamaruLum - candrakowns
  13. vELai pozhudu - kaanaDaa

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