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karnATik Singers - Jaishree Shankar

Jaishree Shankar

Jaishree Shankar is from India. She has been learning music from the age of six from various teachers since her father had a transferable job. At the age of 8, she started learning from Mr. Komalavalli Sreenivasan in Madras. That phase brought out a significant change in her music and style, even at that age. Later she learned from well-known teachers in Mumbai. She received prizes from stalwarts like Maharajapuram Santhanam, Lalgudi Jayaraman, Emani Shankar Sastri, Veena Chitti babu ,etc. Later, personal commitments took precedence over her passion. However, she kept learning various other skills. Presently, she heads a group of 15 ladies who abhangs and bhajans in true Marathi style and perform at several functions. Happy listening! You can contact me on jaisha05@gmail.com

Contact: jaisha05 at gmail dot come

Songs performed:

  1. aparAdhamulanniyu - latAngi - PSA
  2. amba vANi - kIravANi - HB
  3. bhaja bhaja mAnasa - ghaD - ST
  4. calamElarA - mArgahindOLam - T
  5. jAlandhara supIThastitE - valaji - HB
  6. kUvi azhaittAL - valaci - V
  7. nenarunchinAnu annTiki - mALavi - T
  8. paripAlaya mAm - rItigowLa - ST
  9. ranjani niranjini - ranjani - GNB
  10. sarasijanAbha sOdari - nAgagAndhAri - D

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updated on 08/12/2017