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Song: nee daan meccikoLLavEnDum

nee dhaan mecchikoLLavEnDum
raagam: shree ranjani

22 kharaharapriya janya
Aa: S R2 G2 M1 D2 N2 S
Av: S N2 D2 M1 G2 R2 S

taaLam: aadi
Composer: OotukkaaDu VenkaTasubbaiyyar
Language: Tamil


Nee daan mecchikollavendum-Kannanai
engal neelanirameni Madhavan seivadu
nimisham povadum yugamai aagudu


Kaadarakuzhal oodi, kanrudan villaiyadi
kannmunnevandunindru aattamum aadi
Yededojaalangall seivadum, odi, odi,
ezhiluru mangaiyar manaithanil pugundu
kallavadidum enadaaruyir maganai

caraNam 1

Seyyum dustatanatirkor elaiye illai
thedipikka ennal shaktiyum illai
kayim kallavumaga kalamum vallai
kaalam tavaradu koll solla vandu nindra
maadarkku vidai solla neramum illai

caraNam 2

Katta enni kayitrai tediyum kanom
kaikkana kayirellam allavagakanom
mattamena uralodu kattidathonum- aanaal
mada mad venum oli sevipuga vandal
maruda maramirandai kanave kanom

Through Yashoda, the composer expresses the tireless antics of Lord Krishna.

pallavi: Yasoda addresses this to one of the Gopis who tries to come to Krishna's defense. Yashoda says to her, you are the only one who can appreciate this child, our dark complexioned Maadhavan. He is so full of mischief that every second spent in his company is like an eon!

anupallavi: Here, Yasoda specifies some of his more atrocious deeds: she says after playing some soothing music on his flute that brought pleasure to my ears and playing with the calves, he came here and tried several of his stunts right before my eyes, before running into the houses of some other women and creating problems. You are the only one who can appreciate this dear son of mine.

caraNam 1: She continues, there seem to be no limits to his mischievous deeds. I do not have the stamina to keep up with him and catch him red-handed, and I most certainly do not have the time to deal with the complaints of all these women who are here without fail.

caraNam 2: Here, Yasoda is finally driven up the wall and decides to tie up Krishna, but she is unable to find any rope, all that she sees are too short. Finally, after finding a rope long enough she ties him up to a grinding stone only to hear a loud CRACK. When she looks outside to see what has happened, she finds two trees felled by this Lord Krishna. In the process he has liberated spirits imprisoned in those trees, and he drags the grinding stone in between them.

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