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Want to download our famous lessons as zip files? It's simple! NOTE: YOU NO LONGER NEED TO EMAIL US! PLEASE DOWNLOAD ONLY ONCE!

Note: By downloading these files, you agree not to distribute them to others (freely or for a charge!) without the permission of the webmaster. You also agree not to modify or copy the files in any way. All files are the sole copyright of this website, karnATik. (See copyright notice below)

  1. Make sure you have a program that can unzip files, like WinZip, PKUnzip, Zipit, etc.

  2. Choose the format - RAM for Real Player or AIFF (for Windows Media Player, Quicktime, and iTunes)

  3. Click on the file format you'd like for each lesson below to download (click once only! you should click up to 6 files):

  4. After they're downloaded, they should automatically unzip themselves or else expand them with an unzipping program (Winzip, PKUnzip, Stuffit Expander) that you have on your computer. They will expand into separate folders for each lesson from lesson 1 up to lesson 6b.

  5. The RM files will play with Real Player, which is free for download here, and the AIFF files will play with Windows Media Player, Quicktime, or iTunes, for uploading to personal music players.

  6. Send me an email if you're having trouble. Please include the details of what you've done so far and what kind of computer and software you have.

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This music free to share under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License.

Carnatic Lessons
Before you begin
Lesson 1: sarali varisai
Lesson 2: janTai varisai
Lesson 3: daaTu varisai
Lesson 4: mElstaayi varisai
Lesson 5: mandrastaayi varisai
Lesson 6: alankaaram
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updated on 03/20/2009